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Tips to crack the code for a better vocabulary

Falling short of words while speaking? Thinking of cracking the IELTS examination but lacking behind with the vocabulary section? Here are some tips that might help you overcome the vocabulary problem.

Tips to achieve advanced vocabulary in a short period of time:

The Writing tasks that are assigned in the IELTS exam are all considered for evaluation so you need to make sure you don’t misuse or waste words. If it is possible to cut a word out and use a better one, do so. If you can shorten the sentences by using better words then you should make use of them.

You should take a look at your essays and see if you can cut out on the words and still express the same idea. You will have to rewrite a few sentences, maybe reframe them too but that will add up to your style of writing.

Reading helps you out to expand your vocabulary but since that needs to be done in a shorter time span in case you are appearing for IELTS then you need to come up with smart techniques like learning 10 words a day with their proper usage. Observing things around your surroundings and finding alternative words for the same. Watching movies might also add up to your vocabulary.

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