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PTE Coaching

By combining personalised coaching, innovative teaching methods, focus on test format and strategies, and mock tests and feedback, IEC International English Centre provides a comprehensive and effective PTE coaching programme that helps students score high on the PTE exam and achieve their study or career goals.

Aligned with international curriculum

Our PTE coaching programme is designed to align with the international curriculum, providing students with a comprehensive and relevant learning experience.


Latest technology

We use the latest technology and tools to make the coaching process interactive and engaging, such as online platforms, smart devices, and multimedia resources.


Specialised tutors

Our experienced tutors specialise in PTE coaching and are trained to provide effective guidance and support to students, helping them to achieve their desired score.


Mock tests and feedback

We provide regular mock tests and detailed feedback to help students identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and to assess their progress towards achieving their desired score.

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