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Benefits of speaking the English language

#India, along with many other countries, is a land of multiple #languages. With every district bringing its own #dialect to a #language, finding common ground can prove to be rather troublesome. This is where the importance of having common languages is seen.

If, however, one were to look at the bigger picture, they would realise the importance of communicating in the English language. With #globalisation, interacting with individuals of different nationalities is something that cannot be avoided. With the world bearing a huge variety of languages, finding a common language for communication is very important. In such a situation, it is understandably important that individuals develop their English speaking abilities.

Many Indians and people of other nationalities will find English to be their second or even third language. Often, individuals would wonder why learning a second or even a tertiary language is productive. In this article, you will discover the benefits of learning English and also understand the benefits of speaking English as a method of learning it.

Why is being Bilingual beneficial?

Being able to speak two languages is called bilingualism. Being bilingual is extremely beneficial for several reasons.

Learning a language like English allows one to communicate with individuals of foreign nations with more ease. It allows one to not be bound by geographical boundaries. It also allows individuals to be more open-minded.

Learning a second language is beneficial for #brain development. It can help the brain stay stronger and even helps delay dementia deeper into old age.

Advantages of Learning English

A vast majority of Indians aged between 17 and 22 aspire to travel abroad for education or job opportunities. The English language is a language that would benefit them immensely on this path. Be it with the #IELTS or with communicating with individuals of foreign nationalities, good English is always a boon.

What is the best way to learn English?

A question that many people have, is how they can improve their English communication abilities. There are several methods by which an individual can learn to communicate in the English language.

One can go to #classes where they are #professionally taught the English language, such as those that are taught at International English Centre. This can be a very effective method. One can use courses where they are immersed in an environment where they must communicate in English.

Now, when you start to learn in a structured environment, the best way to accelerate your learning of English is by communicating in it. If an individual speaks to others in English, they gain confidence with every interaction. When they talk to other people in English, the better their communication abilities and therefore better their language.

If this is supplemented by reading, watching and listening to content in English, one’s communication abilities can be improved immensely.

Essentially, English is a language that is of immense importance for individuals looking to migrate to foreign nations for various reasons. Learning English may seem like a daunting task, but by place themselves in an environment where they must communicate in English, and working on their own communication abilities in that manner, individuals can speak fluent English with relative ease.

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